Come join our community of families

Families just like you are joining our playgroups to make connections with other parents with young children. Playgroups are a relaxed and casual time for parents and children to get together for fun, play and connection. Most parents report they love playgroups because they and their child get to make new friends.

Expectant families are welcome too! All parents are invited to come to playgroup, whether the baby’s arrived or is on the way. Playgroups are a great way for pregnant parents to make new friends, grow a support system, and hear from other families what to expect when their baby arrives.

First friendships are special. You will get to see your child as they make their first connections, learning how to make and play with friends. Together, families will enjoy activities that are fun but also planned to help develop and grow their child’s confidence.

First friendships are special!

We will celebrate together all the special moments. Everything from tummy time, to walking, making friends, playing and dancing, and even making a little mess. We’re here for it all, and we delight in seeing your children and family grow!

Enjoy a snack, a good book, and good company. We partner with families to plan playgroups that meet the needs of all children. If your child needs room to move and dance, we have that, and if they need a quiet space to read, we’ve got that too. We even have a snack time for children and families to connect through food. We know how to create special experiences for children to feel safe, learn, and explore.

Playgroups happen all year, all we are missing is your family!

Your Family Consultant will have more information about how to get involved in playgroups, start by learning more about what to expect and read through the Playgroup Handbook! If you’re searching for connections with other parents, we know how to help.

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